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Have You Cleaned The Playfield?

We have two machines in the Shop being worked on currently. One is Ship-Mates, a 1964 Gottlieb production, which was the third most manufactured machine of the 1960s! The color scheme and artwork make it a standout piece.

The second machine under repair is Williams' 1963 Jumpin' Jacks. Again, the looks are incredible and definitely from the era.

What I enjoy most about these machines is how well-loved they once were. You can see the every bit of wear and tear. The paint scrapes and exposed wood underneath. And just look at the dust, speaking much about their age, as we uncover and restore what was once a treasure. While electronics are in place, these units are just as much mechanical pieces that you simply do not see in the marketplace in 2020. One of the best things about playing a pinball machine is it encapsulates a moment in time. Each one has its place. It is incredible being a part of preserving these points in history for everyone to enjoy in the present.

And before you are finished. Have you cleaned the playfield? Have you replaced burned out bulbs?

Matt (Social Media)

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