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2019 Year In Review: Concerts

Continuing with music, we played host to a myriad of rock bands over 2019. From Potbelly to Bad Sex to Generation Decline, our voices are still working their way back. And don't bother talking to us because we can't hear you! :) If you missed any of the action, head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for photos and videos, as well as updates on the next concert! Which, by the way, is January 25, 2020. Potbelly is bringing the heat with fellow bands as they celebrate their 25th anniversary! You will not want to miss that!

Thanks to every band who rocked Langley from our sweet arcade in 2019! We will see everyone next year!

Here is a small collection of photos I (Matt) took during the year. For more photos, Destruction Productions did a tremendous job getting right in the middle of the action as well!

Matt (Social Media)

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